Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memories

Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memoriesIt’s almost 40 years since Jenny Daw began working in Hereford’s Butter Market. In that time she’s seen many changes and now represents her fellow  traders as well  as enjoying a well-earned reputation for buffets which have been called the talk of the. For absolute Herefordshire  Jenny tells the story so far.

I was born in Hereford in 1959 and attended Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memoriesLord Scudamore and Bishop’s Schools. I have lived in and around Hereford all my life and cannot see that changing. I began working in the market when I was 14 years old as a Saturday girl for my mother, June, who had a café in the market and is very well known around Hereford for her charity work doing Bingo every other Monday at the Herdsman Pub which is run by my sister Doreen and her husband. All the money she Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memoriesraises goes to local charities namely St Michael’s Hospice and Blackmarston School.

When I worked for her in the market she only used to pay me £1 a day, so when Mr Wilson moved in next to her with his bacon and delicatessen counter and offered me £2 I was off like a shot, which was just as well as my Mum had to give up her café as the Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memoriescouncil wanted to make an entrance into the back of the Maylords for deliveries and so on.

I continued to work for Mr Wilson and 27 years went by when he informed me he was going to retire. So I decided to buy his business, which I did 12 years ago. I also bought Cheesy Morgan’s business as it was affectionately called when he retired Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memoriesbut in the last 12 months due to the economic climate I have amalgamated the two counters which makes the business a lot easier to run.

I have seen great changes in the market in the 39 years I have worked there. For instance there used to be 11 fruit and veg stalls now there is only one run by Roger Huffer. The longest serving stalls are the Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memoriesbutchers, Hillmans, and Mike the Sweets apart from myself. I am now the elected secretary for the Butter Market Traders’ Association.

I also run the kitchen at the Welsh Club cooking Sunday lunches and food in the evening for functions and do outside catering for weddings, funerals or any celebration that needs food. In other words I Busy Jenny’s Butter Market memorieskeep myself busy.


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