Say Cheese – Get on board with Anchor® Cheddar in Hereford

People of Hereford, the cheese sandwich must be saved! Traditionally a British favourite, cheese sandwiches are being side-lined for fancy lunchtime alternatives, and Anchor® is on a mission to use its tasty cheddar to remind you just how good they can be.

THE CHEESE SANDWICH NEEDS YOU Get on board with Anchor® Cheddar in HerefordThere’s nothing better than deliciously creamy slices of Anchor® Cheddar nestled between crusty white bread, with an even spreading of butter. It’s perfection, when you have the right cheese!

The Anchor® Cheddar campaigners are coming to Hereford city centre on Wednesday 18th March to appeal for your city’s assistance in saving the cheese sandwich.

So look out for the tour bus, fully equipped with loud speakers and campaign flags, as the team will be asking you to #getonboard. In return for your pledge to help save this nostalgic favourite, you will be rewarded with a delicious Anchor® Cheddar sandwich.

To give you even more reason to join in the campaign, Anchor® is also offering shoppers the opportunity to claim a free Anchor® Cheddar sandwich tin. Designed to perfectly protect your sandwich, whilst showing your commitment to the cause, it’s one to make colleagues and friends envious of your lunchtime sarnie. So pick up a pack of Anchor® Cheddar to do your bit in helping stop the cheese sandwich becoming a thing of the past!

Visit to find out details of the tour,  plus keep an eye on twitter to see how other people #getonboard

THE CHEESE SANDWICH NEEDS YOU Get on board with Anchor® Cheddar in Hereford

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